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Greetings from the Commonwealth of Kentucky!

Editorial Update, 5-2-2022:

Suspension of Acceptance of Manuscripts for Publication

At this time we.cannot guarantee prospective authors a spot in an upcoming issue within a reasonable length of time.
In order to be fair to authors whose work has already been accepted for publication, as well as those wanting their work to appear in future issues, we are suspending acceptance of manuscripts for publication until further notice.
Watch the Submissions and In My Opinion  web pages for submission policy updates.
Thank you for thinking of 4 Star Stories, and we look forward to again being able to accept submissions.
Best regards,

David Gray
4 Star Stories

Mary Gearhart-Gray
4 Star Stories

Hi, Readers -

Welcome to 4 Star Stories Issue 26!

There’s an old Chinese curse disguised as a seemingly benign wish, “May you live in interesting times.”

What does this Chinese curse have to do with Spring 2023? Both seem to be willing to present us with opportunities to experience interesting times. As I write this, the Northern Hemisphere’s vernal equinox is still a few weeks off. Yet, we who live in Earth’s Northern Hemisphere, already are seeing some very interesting, Spring-like, unsettled weather patterns such as snow in Southern California and warm days with trees budding in the Ohio River Valley. While, in Tornado Alley, this Spring’s tornado season seems to be becoming a year-round phenomenon, which began in January and is continuing as an open-ended experience.

Yes, we are seeing lots of interesting and exciting times. Which should provide us science-fiction lovers with all sorts of vernal equinox reading opportunities. As we hunker-down in our safe-spots, waiting for the all-clear signal from the Weather Channel, we can use these interesting opportunities to read and enjoy Issue 26 of 4 Star Stories.

Start by checking out the links to our five stories below. You can check out our COVID-related adventures and technical topics in the Webmaster's Rant, located at Contact Us/Webmaster.

Once again, five fine authors have stepped forward with exciting and innovative stories for your reading pleasure.

Here are the links to the stories:

Love and Migraines
Alvin the Extra-terrestrial
A Matter of Custody
Uncle from the Volcano
A Nice Donation

You'll notice that the Guest Artist page this issue is turned over to the C. Dean Andersson Memorial. If you recognize the name, you will acknowledge his stature as a Horror fiction writer. If not, this may be a chance to discover an author of rare talent. Dean's passing was a heavy blow to his friends, and we immediately began thinking how we could honor his name. We came up with this memorial. In addition to lists of his novels and short stories and covers from his books, we are featuring reminisences from his friends.

As always, we wish you good health, both physical and mental, in these trying times. Practice COVID-safe behavior, and we look forward to seeing you healthy for Issue 27.


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