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Editorial Update 5-2-2022:
Suspension of Acceptance of Manuscripts for Publication
At this time we.cannot guarantee prospective authors a spot in an upcoming issue within a reasonable length of time.
In order to be fair to authors whose work has already been accepted for publication, as well as those wanting their work to appear in future issues, we are suspending acceptance of manuscripts for publication until further notice.
Watch the Submissions and In My Opinion  web pages for submission policy updates.
Thank you for thinking of 4 Star Stories, and we look forward to again being able to accept submissions.
Best regards,

David Gray
4 Star Stories

Mary Gearhart-Gray
4 Star Stories

If you have a science fiction or fantasy short story up to 5000 words in length that excites the imagination and/or challenges the mind or the genre, we would like to consider it for publication in 4 Star Stories. We pay 20 US dollars on publication. We publish, as we are able, up to four times a year. Check previous issues if you have a question about what kind of story we accept. Additional submission guidelines and instructions appear below.

Submission Guidelines and Format:
We intend to publish original, entertaining and thought-provoking science fiction and fantasy short stories for our readers.
We accept the following: science fiction and fantasy stories between 1500 and 7500 words in length. Stories longer than approximately 5,000 words may be serialized.
Format: We prefer stories in 12 pt Courier New font.
Format your story so that your name and the page number appear at either the top or bottom of each page. We print out the stories before reading, and in the event of an accident, we would like to be able to put the pages back in their proper order.
Provide an accurate word count, and indicate the end of your story, for example, "The End", "Finis" or "[30]".
Please proofread and spell check your manuscript. Any grammatical lapses should occur only in conversation contained in direct quotes.
Please submit your story as a RTF file. If you need help saving your story as an RTF file, please click on Contact Web Master for instructions and  guidelines.
Submission Instructions: Send us an email with the story title in the Subject Line by clicking on Submissions to 4StarStories and include your RTF story file as an attachment. If you have additional information about yourself or your story you would like to tell us, please include that in the body of the email. We will try to get back to you concerning your submission as soon as possible. If you have not heard back from us concerning your submission after a month, it is acceptable to enquire about its status.

We do not accept the following:
Explicit Horror -- Horror intended to shock or offend the reader will not be accepted.
Gratuitous sex and/or violence -- Explicit sex and/or violence designed to shock or offend the reader will not be accepted.
Stories Based on Copyrighted Characters or Material -- This is a science fiction/fantasy publication, not a fanzine. Satire will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
Stories Based on Living Persons -- Stories based on living persons will not be accepted.

Publication Dates:
Publication Dates: Four Star Stories publishes four stories and a Bonus Story per issue, when we are able to, up to a maximum of four times a year. A Short Short Story issue is published one or more times a year on an irregular schedule. Enquire about submission guidelines and rates.

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