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Story 1

Coleman Bomar

Coleman Bomar (he/him) is a writer who currently resides in Middle Tennessee. His written works have been featured by and/or are forthcoming in Blink-ink, SOFTBLOW, Eunoia Review, X-R-A-Y, Maudlin House, and many more.

Just when you thought it was OK to look at the Medusa...  Actually, it’s never OK to look at the Medusa.


Stone Kiss

By Coleman Bomar

The sword is heavy now. He has forgotten why he is here, in the cave, in the first place. He wants to ask the woman, orange eyed, sliding closer through bits of wet light, glittering with visual rhythm, hypnotic. The  sword falls, clatters like a song. She grasps his stony shoulders and leans into his dropped-down arms. Her skin emanates a unique coolness, the way an oasis appears to parched bodies. This is a clean, soppy state of mind. He smiles. Snakes kiss his face, and as he wraps himself around her scaled torso, breathing in the blackened lavender strands of her cobras, pythons and black mambas, Medusa’s new lover wonders how he is finally content to remain so still.

The End

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