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In My Opinion

Hi, Loyal Readers -

Loyal readers because you have had the patience to stick around  for Short Short Story Issue 4 -- stories we think are extraordinary. We hope you will think so as well.

For this issue, as for Issue 3, one of the stories is over our usual limit of 1000 words, and two of the stories are translated from other languages, namely Spanish and Japanese.

The two stories translated from their native language to English, while appearing normal to the reader, took special  treatment on the part of the translators who translated them and the editors who edited the translated versions. Hopefully, we will see more translated stories in 4 Star Stories.

Altogether we have nine stories to delight the spirit and bend the mind. So, get comfortable, relax, and enjoy, from  those wonderful folks who brought you 4 Star Stories, Short Short Story Issue 4.





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