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About Us

Four Star Stories is an on-line publishing venue for Science Fiction and Fantasy short stories.

Since 2008, or so, paid venues for publishing Science Fiction and Fantasy short stories have been becoming fewer. This trend bothered the creators of the 4 Star Stories website for two reasons. Fewer publishing opportunities made it difficult for talented writers to find paying venues where their stories could appear. Also, fewer publishing venues  made it hard for readers who enjoy Science Fiction and Fantasy stories  to find stories to read.

As long-time fans of Science Fiction and Fantasy, We felt that we had been lucky. We grew up when there were lots of opportunities to enjoy well-written and exciting Science Fiction and Fantasy stories. Stories  that gave us hope for our futures and for the future of our world and humankind. Sure the protagonists in the stories dealt with all sorts of  problems, but with skill, courage, the right knowledge, and a little luck they managed to win through in the end.

So we started talking about what we could do to solve the problems of both writers and readers while making the kind of stories that inspired us available for today’s readers.

We didn’t have the time, money, or expertise to do something big, like starting a new magazine. Also, creating a new print publishing empire was way beyond our means.

Still, we wanted to do something.

We looked at what we did have. We had some knowledge of building websites, some skill as editors, more courage than was reasonable, and some luck because we already knew some writers and artists. So, we came up with the idea of creating a website where we would publish four stories, four times a year.

TA-DA! The idea for 4 Star Stories was born.

Four Star Stories is a website created for people who write, edit, and read Science Fiction and Fantasy stories. And, in addition, it is a website  for artists who create Science Fiction and Fantasy art.

Four Star Stories publishes four different Science Fiction and Fantasy  stories, four times per year and presents the work of four artists per year.

Come by and enjoy the stories and the art. And don’t forget to tell your friends!

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