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4 Star Stories presents...

Short Short Story Issue 4

In this special issue  of 4 Star Stories we meet a mythological monster; a dragon, a robot author; a vegetarian and a carnivore;  a hostile environmentalist, exchange emails with the dead and mind-meld with a wild animal.  And we do it all in more or less than 1,000 words! Woosh!

If you have a minute  or two -- we have a short short story for you!

In Short Short Story Issue 4 of 4 Star Stories we are proud to present:

Story 1 -- Colemar Bomar’s “Stone Kiss”1

Story 2 -- Maureen Bowden’s “The War God Waits

Story 3 -- Rodica Bretin’s “Tigers Dream in Colours

Story 4 -- Toshiya Kamai’s “Dragon’s Gift

Story 5 -- Malena Salazar Macia’s “Longing

Story 6 -- Donna J. W. Munro’s “Fighting the Storm

Story 7 -- Kaoru Sakasaki’s “Baby Eleon

Story 8 -- Cassandra Shore’s ”Them that Trespass against Us

Story 9 -- Nidhi Singh’s “Phantom’’s Slush Pile


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