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Hi, Readers -

Welcome to 4 Star Stories issue 21!

Winter Solstice, New Years; a change of seasons, a change of years; old things end and new things begin. We look in, we look out, we look back to the past and forward to the future. And though we look into that future as through a dark glass, the way there is not entirely black. There are always fascinating, engaging ideas full of light and hope that beckon us forward into that future we can barely perceive with our imaginations.

And so, we think as Autumn ends and Winter closes in on us. We think about our yesterdays and our tomorrows. We think about our futures that might be.

Speculative fiction has always acted as a trail-blazer, a guide, to the ways we might take into our possible futures; leading us to think about all of the might-be tomorrows and the pathways that could take us there.

We are proud to present five such Science Fiction and Fantasy adventures for you to read and stay warm with, as well as our thought-provoking article on Speculative Spaceships.

So, sit back, take a sip of your favorite warm libation (ahhhh!), grab your mouse, and get ready to enjoy. We are headed out on an adventure, and we’ll see you again in Issue 22 of 4 Star Stories appearing next year!


The Editors: M. Gray and D. Gray

P.S. We are open for submissions. If you are a serious writer and you have a story you think meets our criteria, send it along to us. We would like to read it.

At 4 Star Stories, we are looking for well-written, original Science Fiction and Fantasy short stories, preferably with an upbeat, positive attitude.

For all da' rules, checkout our Submissions page.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Oh, and writers, remember to self-edit and spell check every story before you send it to us, or to anyone else for that matter. Reading a clean, error-free manuscript makes editors happy, and a happy editor is more likely to publish your story.

Your Editors,

 M. Gray & D. Gray


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