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Greetings from the Commonwealth of Kentucky!

Editorial Update, 5-2-2022:

Suspension of Acceptance of Manuscripts for Publication

At this time we.cannot guarantee prospective authors a spot in an upcoming issue within a reasonable length of time.
In order to be fair to authors whose work has already been accepted for publication, as well as those wanting their work to appear in future issues, we are suspending acceptance of manuscripts for publication until further notice.
Watch the Submissions and In My Opinion  web pages for submission policy updates.
Thank you for thinking of 4 Star Stories, and we look forward to again being able to accept submissions.
Best regards,

David Gray
4 Star Stories

Mary Gearhart-Gray
4 Star Stories

Editorial Update, April, 2022:
We published Short Short Story Issue 4 in March and intend to publish Issue 24 in the near future, if we can overcome some technical issues.

This month starts an exciting year for both us and 4 Star Stories. We moved from Texas to Kentucky in the midst of inclement weather and a raging pandemic. We had been working up to this move for over two years. And now, finally, it is done.

We laid a lot of the groundwork for the move during 2020 when we spent a large part of the year in Kentucky. During that time we maintained a publication schedule, albeit modest, but it never ceased altogether. We started 2021 in Kentucky, but moved back to Texas at the end of January not to return for the rest of the year. During that time our publication schedule suffered greatly, not by design, but due to lack of time. Now we are in Kentucky permanently.

Hi, Readers -

Welcome to 4 Star Stories Issue 23! (Again)

Here we are in January, 2022. What does that mean for 4 Star Stories, you ask? Hopefully it will mean a return to a regular publication schedule for 4 Star Stories and our new, sister publication Rogue Star Stories. That and an occasional Short Short Story issue. So wish us well on our new adventure in a new state. And stay tuned for more, exciting issues of 4 Star Stories! You can check out our COVID-related adventures in the Webmaster's Rant, located at Contact Us/Webmaster.

Once again, five fine authors have stepped forward with exciting and innovative stories for your reading pleasure.

Here are the links to the stories:

Maurice Forrester
Maureen Bowden
Florin Purluca
Derek Spohn
Jabe Stafford

In addition, we have a preview of the original art from our upcoming publication Rogue Star Stories on the Guest Artist page. When published, it promises to be a more daring and provocative version of 4 Star Stories. For too long, our wild side has been struggling to get out. Expect to see the premier issue sometime in the fall of 2022.

Finally, the long anticipated fourth Short Short Story Issue is here for you. We were unable to contact any of this issue's authors, so if you read this, contact the editors for payment.

As always, we wish you good health, both physical and mental, in these trying times. Practice COVID-safe behavior, and we look forward to seeing you healthy for Issue 24.



From the Editors: M. Gray and D. Gray

P.S. We are open for submissions. If you are a serious writer and you have a story you think meets our criteria, send it along to us. We would like to read it.

At 4 Star Stories, we are looking for well-written, original Science Fiction and Fantasy short stories, preferably with an upbeat, positive attitude.

For all da' rules, checkout our Submissions page. Note that some of the guidelines have changed, so check them out if you haven't lately.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Oh, and writers, remember to self-edit and spell check every story before you send it to us, or to anyone else for that matter. Reading a clean, error-free manuscript makes editors happy, and a happy editor is more likely to publish your story.

Your Editors,

 M. Gray & D. Gray


4 Star Stories is an online speculative fiction magazine that publishes Science Fiction and Fantasy short stories. Tell your friends about us. Read the stories, look at the art, have some fun. We are. It's important.

Hearing from you is important too. We value your opinions. Click on Contact the Editors to send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you.


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