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Coming Soon from 4 Star Stories!

Exciting adventures in space, both outer and inner, for your reading pleasure!

Here at 4 Star Stories  we receive submissions of all kinds. Some submissions, although excellent, do not meet our submission guidelines, for example too graphically violent, sexually explicit or -- horror of horrors -- politically incorrect.

What to do with these stories? Put them  in a new, edgier publication, of course: Rogue Star Stories. To whet your appetite, here is some of the art you will be seeing in our new publication. Till then... enjoy!

It’s destination long forgotten by passengers and crew, an organic spacecraft travels endlessly, lost in interstellar space.

Skimming the thick atmosphere, an alien probe samples conditions before a manned landing.

Outpost on an Alien Planet

High atop a snow-covered peak, a derelict spacecraft points toward the sky.


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