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Welcome to our website. We intend to present the finest science fiction and fantasy short stories and serialized fiction we can find. In turn, you expect a website that is visually pleasing and easy to navigate. We will try to provide just that.

You may have noticed that the main pages have subtitles and sidebars not unlike a publication. That is intentional. We have tried to make this website feel like a publication, and we will continue to strive to achieve that goal in the future.

Navigation is by links, along the left-hand side and at the bottom of each page. We have provided written cues that we hope will aid the uninitiated in navigating the site. You may have noticed the distinctly different style of the web pages as you drill down into the website. These pages are generally those that must be updated each issue. The different style makes it easier to do that, and hopefully easier to read as well. Rest assured that we will be continually updating and improving our website. We welcome your comments.

For technical comments and webmasterly things like exchanging links, click on Contact Web_master to send me an email.

We thank you for your support.

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