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Artist Retrospective ― Chesley Bonestell



Chesley Bonestell (1888-1986) defined realistic space art in the 1950ís with his images of planetscapes and space flight. He was the first to portray space and space flight in a realistic manner. He molded public perception of space travel and has inspired countless artists down to the present.

Bonestell illustrated several books on spaceflight and a seminal series of articles in Collierís magazine, a popular weekly magazine of the time, written by the acknowledged authorities in the field of rocketry and space travel.

Bonestellís work also appeared in several motion pictures, most notably those of George Pal in the early to mid-1950ís.

The images included here are from a proposed trip to Mars and reflect the knowledge and technology of the day.

If you enjoyed the work of Chesley Bonestell, you might also enjoy the work of Jack Coggins.



  Moon Rocket Concept from the Early 1950's



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