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Guest Art page

We are delighted to welcome our guest artist...

Vincent Villafranca

When you say speculative fiction art, most people, even fans, tend to think of 2D art -- flat paintings and drawings that can be used for book covers and as story illustrations. Vincent Villafranca's speculative fiction art is different, very different. Vincent first sculpts 3D science fiction and fantasy art pieces in wax and then casts the pieces in bronze. Wow! Fine art meets speculative fiction. And most of Vincent's pieces tell their own stories rather than just illustrating somebody else's work.
We first saw Vincent Villafranca's sculpture in the ConDFW art show. We were blown away. That was about two years ago and Vincent's sculpture has gotten better since then. Now he is branching out into 2D acrylic on canvas paintings. Double Wow! Add to this information to the fact that Vincent is a very personable, unassuming man and you can understand why we were so impressed by this Sculptor and his art.
4 Star Stories is excited to present the work of Vincent Villafranca, our first Guest Artist.

"I sculpted the original [astro]'naut about a year ago. I molded it to make wax copies, which are then modified and customized with various weapons and equipment. They end up being about four inches or so."

-- Vincent Villafranca

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