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In My Opinion

Well here we are at Installment 2 of the 4 Star Stories' Short Short Story Issue. A lot of water under the  bridge since Issue 1, but our goals are the same.

For us as editors, we are able to present stories that we wouldn't be able to use in a regular 4 Star Stories issue. For the reader, short short stories grab you fast, pull you into a short, intense rollercoaster ride, and toss you out, emotionally staggering at the end. Wahoo! What fun! Then they can stick in your thoughts – sometimes for the rest of your life.

Fast, short, full of life, that’s the short short story.

Mid-winter seemed like the perfect time to publish again. We came up with six emotionally riveting short short speculative fiction stories for your speed-reading pleasure.

So enjoy!

The Editors

4 Star Stories

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