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We are delighted to welcome our guest artist...

Rocky Kelley



Rocky Kelley is an award winning artist whose works include a wide variety of genres such as: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Pre-Raphaelite, Surrealism, and much more. Rocky received the Director’s Award at the 2006 World Fantasy Art Show for his painting titled "Come Out and Play". Kelley regularly appears at conventions, where he has served as special guest artist, panelist, masquerade judge, Iron Artist, artist demonstrator, and art consultant.

The David Letterman Show, Spiegel and Neiman Marcus Christmas catalogs, "U.S. Art" and "Southwest Art" magazines, and various galleries and independent publishers have all hosted Kelley's designs.

Rocky’s distinctively different approach and unusual effects entice viewers to immerse themselves in his intricate work, for hidden within many paintings are aesthetic puzzles. These puzzles encourage further journeys into the mysteries that are captured on canvas. He enjoys depicting vivid messages that often emerge from the darkest of pigments. Thus he creates a visual paradox: The more that is revealed, the more there is to grasp.

Kelley also creates works of dark fantasy under the pseudonym of "Ashen Gray", and he is the founder of the Dark Rose Alliance organization. 

His works may be viewed at  and


Artist Comments

"Once a gallery owner asked me to provide him with a written description of my work with respect to the hidden and double imagery. As I sat to write a response, these words seemed to appeared to me almost faster than I could write them. ‘My work is the result of witnessing that rare moment when a dream passes through a seam in darkness and rests with reality. What never was is transformed into what will always be."

- - Rocky Kelley

Ever since that day, this has been my official artist's statement.

All paintings shown will be part of my upcoming book that I am writing and.illustrating.

"Come Out and Play" where fairies seem to be emerging into this world from an old worn greeting card.


"The Land of Nine" shows countless hidden images, as well as double and triple imagery. During Convention art shows, I always enjoy watching the fans as they attempt to locate all the hidden images residing within the painting.

"Land of Nine"

"The Finding"

"One Moment Past"

"Swept Away"


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