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Artist Retrospective ― Jack Coggins



Jack Coggins (1911-2006) was a prolific illustrator of rare talent who inspired children in the 1950ís with his dramatic images of space flight and a trip to the Moon. Combined with the lucid prose of Fletcher Pratt, their collaborations provided an instructive and entertaining introduction to the concepts of rockets and space flight.  Jack Coggins' use of light and shadow in his paintings conveys a sense of drama that is still compelling today.

Jack Coggins illustrated several books on spaceflight written for children, including By Space Ship to the Moon and Rockets, Jets, Guided Missiles and Space Ships. I had two of his books, co-written with Fletcher Pratt, and I treasure them to this day.

The images included here are from By Space Ship to the Moon and depict the construction of a space station and a trip to the Moon.

Although the technology appears dated by today's standards, his paintings were a source of wonder and inspiration to those of us growing up in the 1950's.

To learn more about Jack Coggins, go to Jack Coggins - Artist and Author.

Jack Coggins' book Arms and Equipment of the Civil War, featuring his artwork, is still in print.



  Jack Coggins Moon Rocket Concept from the Early 1950's



Space Station under Constructrion

Space Station Taking Off

Spacemen in Airlock

Moonscape Bathed in Earthshine

Tankette on the Moon



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