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Ashen Gray



Ashen Gray's work has traveled through numerous genres, while employing many media combinations and techniques: the early days of dark fantasy in pencil, pen and ink; then Biblical and Native American surrealism in airbrush and acrylics; Renaissance works in watercolor and gouache; fairy subjects in mixed media; and even some digital work. Through it all, dark fantasy and dark romanticism have been constant threads running through Ashen's creations.

The need to experiment ensures that his work will continue to evolve, but some things remain the same. Combinations of dark, muted colors with black seem to be where Ashen always returns. After all, black is his favorite, and he doesn't see that changing anytime soon.

For the past few years, Ashen Gray's paintings have revolved around an unwritten book. He composed the original story in his mind, but never wrote it down. Ashen simply carried the tale around in his head for many years. As time passed, the subjects of Ashen's visual creations all began following that narrative. The first painting from this series received the Director's Award at the prestigious World Fantasy Art Show. Now, finally, Ashen Gray has written the story down, and his goal is to bring the paintings and the words together in the form of a new book. Ashen admits that this process has been unconventional, but most enjoyable.

A sampling of works from his upcoming book are shown here. These painting include: Of Ravens and Roses, Torneigh, Ravenna, Lazarre, and Shattered.

Of Ravens and Roses

Ashen's works of art contain many hidden images. Enjoy your search for these secret visions as you journey deep into the world of Ashen Gray.




Ravenna Concept Sketch



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