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Tala Bar



Tala Bar, in addition to being a talented writer, is also an evocative artist. Her story, The Huntress, appeared in the Spring 2013 issue of 4 Star Stories. Here for your enjoyment we present a series of her artistic works.

"I am sending you four photos of paintings of girls and women of various ages, along with my own multiple portrait, called Tala. The series shows how I look at people, from different sides and on different backgrounds, according to different ideas in my mind.

In my self-portrait I am holding a camera, showing how I took my photo in the mirror and painted the portrait from that picture. The other portraits are drawings made from photos of me by other people."

─ Tala Bar



The Vision is painted from a photo of one of my nieces wrapped up in winter clothes sitting on a bench. The vision she seems to be seeing was a separate drawing. I can't remember now of what.

The Model is just that -- I liked the contours of the model's obese figure, but the head is separate because it does not belong to the body of the model.

Two Lost Figures was painted from photos of two other of my nieces, who were little girls at the time. I painted the background and put the figures on it, and then I saw that their bossy postures showed some feeling of being lost. It was about that time that their mother had died, and perhaps they expressed that in their posture.

The Woman is another picture of a model, seen from an unusual angle. I used an unusual technique of crossing short strokes to paint it, which I used a lot in my early acrylic paintings.



The Vision

The Model

Two Lost Figures

The Woman

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